Anti Vibration Gloves

Working with handheld vibration tools and equipment can prove seriously detrimental to your health. Our anti-vibration gloves are designed to enhance the absorption of the strong vibrations which can be emitted by these tools, therefore protecting the wearer from developing any long term injuries. 

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Showing all 3 results

The regular use of tools including concrete breakers, pneumatic drills and other power tools in the workplace can, unfortunately, lead to a range of serious side effects. One of the most common injuries and long term side effects of working with these types of tools is HAVS – otherwise known as Hand and Arm Vibration Syndrome. This has become increasingly common amongst workers in the construction & forestry industry and is a serious condition that is sadly irreversible once the damage has been done. 

Anti Vibration gloves are cleverly designed to absorb any impact and vibrations given off by machinery and tools, therefore protecting the wearer from any related injuries in their hands, wrists and arms. By cushioning the impact of these vibrations, these work gloves offer a comfortable way to maintain safety in the workplace without compromising on dexterity and range of movement. Rest assured – they won’t get in the way of you and your work!

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