Eye Wash

As part of your workplace, home or travel first aid kit, you should always make sure you have some form of eye wash. Essential to help keep eyes safe from any hazards or accidents, including chemical splashes, spills, dust, grit, small particles or dangerous substances. 

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Showing all 8 results

If you or your team are working in high-risk environments, such as handling dangerous chemicals or even working with wood or metal, then we’d recommend installing an eye wash station in your workplace. At Pronto Direct we have eye wash stations designed to specifically target the hazards in your workplace, including chemical splash stations. 

Protecting your employees’ eyesight is an incredibly important part of your legal duty of care to your staff members, so you can rest assured that our range of eyewash solutions and stations are all medically approved and safe to use.

Browse our extensive eyewash range and you’ll discover classic water-based saline solutions, perfect for rinsing eyes from pollution, dust or even small particles, as well as our phosphate buffer solutions, which help neutralise chemical splashes and effectively flush the eye. Our eye washes are incredibly effective at removing both particles, foreign objects and dangerous substances from the eyes, whilst providing relief to stinging, itching and burning sensations.

Shop our eye wash category today and consider how you can protect your team from hazards in the workplace. Take advantage of our FREE UK delivery on all orders over £50 today.