Thermal Workwear

A great choice for workers who spend a lot of time outdoors or in cold environments, thermal workwear will keep your employees warm during their workday. Thermal work clothing can be worn alone or as an added layer, depending on your needs and the conditions of the working environment.

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Showing all 9 results

Our thermal workwear range is designed with warmth, comfort and durability in mind. Made from insulating materials, our thermal tops and leggings/trousers are perfect for employees who are required to work outside during colder months, or in cold environments such as industrial refrigerators, freezers, or warehouses and factories that can become cold with changes in weather.

Whilst our thermal work clothing will keep you warm in cold temperatures, they can also help to regulate your body temperature and keep your body cool and dry in hotter conditions. Thermal tops and trousers can help you to stay feeling comfortable and fresh throughout the work day, thanks to fast drying properties, antimicrobial effects that can help prevent illnesses, and even Meryl Skinlife technology that helps to regulate the levels of bacteria on your skin.

We have a selection of different styles of thermal workwear that you can wear either as an additional layer to your work uniform or as they are. All of our thermal work clothing is comfortable, durable, and offers flexibility, so movement won’t be restricted at all whilst you work. Browse our range of thermal workwear today to purchase for your business and employees, or even for personal use.