Safety Footwear

Fundamental in protecting your feet from potential injuries as well as slips, trips & falls, our collection of safety footwear will keep you safe at work. Made from durable, hard-wearing fabrics designed to last, discover our range of safety boots, shoes and trainers.

Whatever style of footwear you’re looking for, we’ve got something to suit every workers needs. Available with a range of safety features designed to comply with the various levels of European safety standards, which are widely recognised across a range of industries. If you’re not sure which style or standard of footwear would be best suited to your needs, then have a quick read of our ultimate guide to safety footwear.

Nearly all of our footwear is designed with a protective toe cap, made from either steel or a tough composite. Designed to protect your toes from impacts of up to 400 joules by absorbing the shock and never compacting into your feet. You’ll also find any S1P or S3 safety shoes are designed with a penetration resistant sole, otherwise known as a midsole. This will prevent any sharps from penetrating through your shoe, into the sole of your foot.

If you often work outdoors in wet or damp conditions, then you’ll be pleased to discover our range of waterproof footwear – combining clever waterproofing technology, with all the usual safety features you’d expect.

Our wide range of safety footwear is designed to fit most professionals – male or female – but we do have a specific range of ladies work boots, starting from a smaller UK size 2.