Defibrillator Pads & Batteries

If you already own one of our defibrillators for your workplace or community space, then it’s important to keep your AED well-maintained and looked after. Our defibrillator pads & batteries will help ensure that your life-saving device is ready to go whenever it might be needed.

As with your first aid kit, it’s incredibly important to look after and maintain your defibrillator, and this includes replacing the pads and batteries when necessary. If you have a workplace first aider, then you need to ensure that it’s part of their regular inventory to check over your defibrillator too. Encourage them to keep an inventory, and make a note as and when pads and batteries are changed. This will help ensure that your defib is ready for use when it really counts.

Whilst you should replace the pads on your defibrillator after every single use, both the pads and batteries on your AED do have a shelf life – even if they have not been used. The typical life expectancy for your defibrillator pads & batteries is from 2-5 years depending on the manufacturer. The expiry dates for both should be clearly stated. St John’s Ambulance has a helpful guide for anyone responsible for the upkeep of a defibrillator here.

We recommend keeping a spare set of pads and batteries with your defibrillator at all times, for peace of mind, and to give you as much chance as possible of saving a life.

At Pronto Direct, you’ll find a wide range of defibrillator pads and batteries to fit your AED. Rest assured that we only stock products from our trusted suppliers, to allow you to buy with confidence.

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