Dust Masks & Respirators

When working in hazardous environments where dangerous dust and fumes are present, wearing a standard face mask as PPE doesn’t quite cut it. To keep yourself safe from fine, dangerous materials and gases, you’ll need to invest in either dust masks or respirators.

Our range includes masks with FFP2 and FFP3 compliance. FFP2 masks have a minimum filtration percentage of 94%, whereas FFP3 masks provide the highest level of protection, filtering out 99% of particles. These masks are essential for wear when working with particularly fine, dangerous particles such as asbestos.

Our PPE masks can be used for a variety of purposes where dust and fumes may be present, whether you’re working in a professional setting or around your own home and garden. Each of our dust masks is high-quality and meets all relevant safety requirements. Our range of PPE items offer great value, especially if you take advantage of our bulk buy discounts – ideal for companies with large numbers of employees.