Handling Gloves

Manual work can be tough, especially on your hands. Whilst you may not be too fussed about how your hands look, it’s still important to protect them from strain and potential harm. Our handling gloves will provide you with additional support while you work, protecting you from injuries as well as small cuts and scuffs. Whether you’re handling heavy machinery, transporting heavy goods or handling abrasive materials – they’ll have you covered.

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Showing 1–16 of 71 results

Wearing gloves while you work doesn’t have to be a hindrance, either. Our general handling gloves are designed with a coating which is specifically formulated to help improve your grip. In fact, they’re so grippy that you’ll probably have a better hold on your tools or machinery than you would working bare-handed.

Manufactured from a tightly knitted woven fibres, our gloves are breathable making them incredibly comfortable to wear. They’ll fit closely to your hands without feeling too tight, while providing enough stretch to allow for full dexterity and range of movement while you work. In a nutshell, you’ll never feel as though your hands are restricted. Offering protection against abrasion, most of our gloves also offer some level of puncture and cut resistance – full details of the level of protection each glove offers can be found in our detailed product descriptions.

Our gloves conform to the highest European safety standards, so you can rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands. Available in sizes from small to double extra large, they’re designed to fit most professionals. Protecting your hands in the workplace is an essential safety requirement, so shop our wide range of Handling Gloves today.