Hi Vis Gloves

Working with your hands presents a wide range of hazards for many workers, but working with your hands in dark and poorly lit environments presents a unique set of challenges. This is where our hi vis work gloves really come into their own. 

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Showing all 4 results

Designed to help your hands stand out in dark environments, these bright hi viz gloves will help keep you safe. Accidents can too often occur when your hands aren’t visible to other workers, or even to yourself. By helping draw attention to your hands, not only will you prevent potentially life-altering injuries from occurring but you may even see an improvement in productivity and accuracy.

These gloves will not only help ensure visibility when working in poorly lit, dark, cold, snowing, wet, or foggy environments, but they’ll also protect you against some of the most common workplace hazards. From cuts, vibrations, impact, heat and much more, at Pronto Direct you’ll find a pair of hi vis work gloves suitable for any job. Carefully read our product descriptions to learn more about each glove’s unique capabilities and features.

Browse our range of high visibility work gloves today and enjoy free UK delivery on all orders over £50. You can also enjoy our same day dispatch guarantee when you place your order with us before 4 pm, because why should you have to wait any longer for a safer workplace?