Footwear Accessories

Keep your feet safe while you work, by quickly and easily enhancing your existing shoes with our range of clever footwear accessories. From safety overshoes to toe protectors, our accessories are designed to target some of the most common hazards in the workplace. 

Our feet are one of our most vulnerable body parts and can be subject to a wide range of hazards at work. From heavy machinery to dangerous corrosive chemical spills and splashes, our feet can get into harm’s way very easily, leaving us with minor or even life-changing injuries. Therefore it’s incredibly important to invest in the right protection for yourself or your employees. 

Safety overshoes are a great way to upgrade your existing work shoes, into shoes that will work harder for you. Enhancing their protective quality, adding an additional layer to help you avoid cross-contamination, whilst not compromising on a supportive, grippy sole.

If you occasionally come into contact with carrying heavy loads or using heavy machinery or dangerous tools, then our toe protectors are a great way to upgrade your work shoes without having to invest in steel toe boots or shoes. These protectors can genuinely save you from potentially life-changing injury and at the very least give you peace of mind and confidence when working.

Ready to purchase your footwear accessories? When you buy with Pronto Direct, if you order before 4 pm you can take advantage of our same day dispatch guarantee. Because why should you have to wait for a safer tomorrow?