Chemical Resistant Gloves

Take a look at our selection of chemical resistant gloves ideal for keeping yourself or your employees safe. Chemical-resistant work gloves are a must if you are regularly handling substances that could be harmful should they make contact with the skin such as strong detergents, oils or other chemicals.

Showing all 10 results

Showing all 10 results

Our chemical resistant gloves are designed with safety in mind – we have a variety of gloves featuring a longer wrist length to help protect against chemicals or other products splashing up onto exposed skin on your forearms or wrists. Our gloves also feature a textured finish on the palm to ensure good wet and dry grip, so that you can easily handle chemicals and other products with care.

Nitrile chemical-resistant work gloves are heavyweight, strong and protect against chemicals, making them ideal for jobs such as industrial cleaning. Chemical resistant gloves are a non-negotiable PPE item for those who work in industries in which they are exposed to hazardous and toxic chemicals. Our gloves protect against products such as alcohols, acids and alkalis, gasoline and hydraulic fluids.

Our PVC, or vinyl, chemical resistant gloves are not as heavy-duty as our nitrile options, but will provide protection against water, oils, and fats when working.

Ensure that your employees are protected and safe at work by providing them with the right PPE. Chemical resistant gloves are ideal for work in industries such as the medical field, laboratories, chemical plants, industrial cleaning, food handling and engineering. We have a wide range of colours and sizes available, as well as latex-free for those with allergies.