Oil Resistant Gloves

Our selection of oil resistant gloves are ideal for anyone who works with oil, whether personally or professionally. When working with potentially harmful oils, keeping your hands protected at all times with oil-resistant work gloves is a must to help prevent any accidents in the workplace.

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Showing all 6 results

There are numerous jobs within different industries that require coming into contact with oil that could cause potential risks to the health and safety of your employees. Our oil-resistant work gloves provide protection against harmful substances that workers are regularly exposed to, whilst providing comfort and dexterity to enable them to carry out the task at hand safely and effectively.

For those who work in mechanics and construction based jobs, work with machinery, assembly involving oils and gases, or any conditions that they may come into contact with harmful oils, our oil resistant gloves will protect against any injuries that could occur from contact with the skin.

We have oil resistant gloves available that are designed using breathable nitrile, which is excellent for moisture control when working and aids comfort, ideal for when gloves are worn for extended periods of time. Extended cuffs provide a better fit and additional protection against substances. Our anti-cut oil resistant gloves are ideal for jobs within refuse and recycling, scrap yards, or other workplaces in which you may come into contact with sharp objects as well as oils and grease.

Many of our oil-resistant work gloves feature enhanced grip to aid handling objects, equipment or machinery that may have come into contact with oils or grease, helping employees to carry out their jobs safely and with ease.