Disposable Oversleeves

Do you need to protect your forearms or sleeves in the workplace? Putting on a set of overalls can be a time-consuming inconvenience, and can interrupt your workflow. This is where our disposable oversleeves come into their own. 

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Showing all 10 results

Designed to be quick and easy to put on, these protective sleeves are designed with comfortable elasticated cuffs at each end to help them stay securely in place, fitting snugly but not too tightly to cause discomfort or poor circulation. Made for single-use purposes, our disposable oversleeves will protect you from splashes and spills in the workplace as well as prevent any liquids from leaking underneath your sleeve. 

These disposable PPE coverings are most popularly used in low-hazard workplaces, including laboratories, healthcare environments as well as food production areas. Our protective sleeves will help prevent cross-contamination whilst also protecting the wearer. 

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