Knee Pads & Inserts

When you work in an active role which requires a lot of kneeling or bending, you’ll understand how important it is to protect your joints. Our knee pads and knee pad inserts for work trousers, will support your joints and protect them from rough grounds or terrains as well as any sharp debris on the floor.

Designed to provide a cushioned layer between your knee and any surface, our knee pads will cleverly absorb impact. In the long term, wearing knee pads are an effective way to prevent injuries and joint pain. Our knee pads are also an effective way to prevent slipping and sliding around on your knees when trying to focus on the job in hand.

Our extensive range of knee pads for work includes gel knee pads, ridged knee pads, PU knee pads, riveted cap knee pads and knee pad inserts. Whilst our knee pads are designed for professional use, they are also well-suited to anyone working on DIY projects around their home.