Cotton Gloves

Perfect for those more delicate handling tasks, our selection of cotton gloves is an effective and affordable way to protect your hands, or your working materials, in the workplace. Comfortable and breathable, these lightweight gloves offer you full dexterity allowing you to continue doing a great job.

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Showing all 13 results

Popular in a wide range of environments and industries, these gloves are most frequently purchased for those working in the following roles: archive or artefact handling, art handling, coin handling, food industry, jewellers, inspection, valeting and many more. These breathable, natural gloves are incredibly versatile and handy to have in most workplaces.

Cotton gloves will protect delicate items from dust, dirt, & grime, and will only protect you from very minimal hazards or risks, such as cross-contamination. They’re designed to protect the item in question, rather than the wearer. 

Due to their thin nature, they still offer an excellent range of movement and dexterity, without restricting your ability to continue your work. 

Shop our selection of cotton gloves at Pronto Direct today and make great savings when you purchase in bulk. Our bulk buy discounts are designed to help you create a safer workplace at an affordable price.