Cooling Gloves

Our supply of Cooling Gloves are ideal for job roles that require you to work outdoors in hot weather, or in environments where temperatures can rise. Keep yourself or your employees safe and comfortable with a pair of cooling work gloves.

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Designed to keep the hands cool when working outside during the hotter months, or in environments that can get warm such as factories, Cooling Gloves help to reduce sweating and provide ultimate comfort throughout the workday.

With nitrile coating on the palms and fingers, your grip won’t be affected, allowing you to handle objects and perform tasks easily. The ventilated back helps to regulate your temperature and keep your hands cool, preventing excessive perspiration which can become uncomfortable. With heat from your surroundings causing your hands and fingers to sweat more, your grip on objects and tools can be affected, which can both make a job difficult and put your safety at risk.

Our Cooling Work Gloves are lightweight to provide maximum dexterity and comfort for roles that require sensitivity and precision. Cooling Work Gloves are great for roles that involve being outdoors during the summer months, or where you are exposed to heat such as welding. Keeping cool when you are exposed to heat at work is vital for your safety, as heat exposure can have negative effects on your health and safety. Heat stress can happen when your body is unable to properly control its internal temperature, so Cooling Gloves are great for when you still need to keep your hands covered and protected, but also regulate your body temperature.