Pallet Wrap & Stretch Film

Keep your business fully-stocked with pallet wrap and stretch film. Whether you’re looking to shrink wrap food products or stabilise items on a pallet, we’ve got what you need.

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Showing all 12 results

Stretch film is a plastic material that can be used to wrap around loads of objects or products, holding them securely and tightly together. This can be ideal for jobs or tasks that involve moving items such as removals or house moving. The elasticity allows for your items to be held securely when in transit.

If you’re stocking and moving items around your warehouse, or shipping and storing products on pallets, then it’s essential to have a constant supply of pallet wrap readily available at all times. The durable and protective wrapping will ensure items do not move or fall from the pallet when in storage or transit, preventing both the products from being damaged and reducing the risk of accidents and injuries from falling objects in the workplace.

To use shrink wrap, simply cover the object or products you wish to wrap loosely with the material, and then apply heat to shrink the wrap and secure the load. To apply the heat, you’ll need a heat gun. Shrink wrap is perfect for protecting items against external damage, such as dirt, damp or humidity. Often used to wrap anything from books and magazines to food and other merchandise, to help protect against environmental damage and prolong the product life.

We have a variety of different sizes of shrink, stretch and pallet wrap for all of your packaging needs.