Heat Resistant Gloves

We stock a variety of heat-resistant work gloves that are ideal for protecting your employees when handling or being exposed to extreme temperatures. Our heat resistant gloves range include leather, fabric and PVC to suit a range of different needs.

Showing all 14 results

Showing all 14 results

Our leather heat resistant gloves are ideal for welding and metal work, thanks to their great dexterity, with options for a longer wrist length for protecting up to the forearms. The comfort and flexibility provided by the design and material allows for general handling as well as hot work. We also stock Kevlar heat-resistant work gloves, which are known for their durability and ability to protect against heat, abrasions and their cut resistance properties.

Protect yourself and others against high temperatures found in workplaces such as laboratories, kitchens, factories, or with outdoor cooking such as using clay ovens and barbecues. Many of our heat resistant gloves also have thermal qualities that make them ideal for colder conditions as well as hot, with additional grip features to aid in both wet and dry conditions.

Heat-resistant work gloves will help protect against any burns or scalding that could happen through the nature of your work. Choosing the right heat-resistant working gloves for your business depends on factors such as temperature, weight, the frequency the task is carried out and grip needed. Before you purchase your gloves, make sure you read our descriptions on each to know that they are the right ones for keeping your employees safe at work.