Nitrile Coated Gloves

When you work with your hands on a daily basis, you’ll know how essential the right pair of work gloves can be. But wearing gloves while you’re trying to go about your usual work tasks can sometimes be counter-productive. This is where our Nitrile coated gloves come in. They’ll provide you with the same amount of grip and dexterity that you’d usually experience when working with your hands, whilst keeping your hands protected and safe from hazards.

Cleverly designed with a Nitrile coated palm, our handler gloves will provide you with an incredible amount of grip for holding tools, small components and operating machinery. Combined with their flexible, lightweight knitted back, these gloves will allow full dexterity and range of movement, increasing your productivity and keeping your hands comfortable all day long.

Ideal for use in a range of manual work roles, including baggage handling, construction, gardening, general handling and much more. If your hands work hard, then why not try a pair of Nitrile coated gloves? Available in a range of sizes from small to double extra large, designed to suit most professionals. Browse our full range below.