Tactical Shoes & Trainers for Police & Security

Tactical shoes are ideal for occupations involving plenty of walking, in roles that don’t quite require safety shoes but still benefit from a greater level of protection and comfort.  Popular with policemen & women, for security and bodyguards, emergency services and various other occupations, these work shoes are tough enough to survive more than just a day’s hard work.

Designed with exciting new technologies, our police shoes & trainers are built with you and your demanding job in mind. We understand the pain that can come with working on your feet for long periods of time and this is only exaggerated by wearing the wrong footwear. In fact, by not wearing supportive shoes in the workplace, you can actually cause long term health issues, so it’s paramount to find tactical shoes which work just as hard as you do.

Feel supported in police shoes designed with a padded, breathable insole, with a lightweight protective midsole. And enjoy a market-leading slip-resistant sole, which will help keep you on your feet even in slippery conditions.

Shop your next pair of tactical shoes or trainers from Pronto Direct today, and enjoy our same day dispatch guarantee – because who wants to wait another day in uncomfortable shoes?

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