Cleaning Wipes

Keep your workspaces clean and hygienic in a matter of seconds with our convenient cleaning wipes. Designed to help make quick work of cleaning, whether you’re clearing up spills, dirt, grime or just wiping down equipment or machinery at the end of a long day. 

Showing all 13 results

Showing all 13 results

Our range of wipes is ideal for both domestic and commercial users alike, whether you’re cleaning your office desk, kitchen surfaces, or wiping down your tools. Not only are they perfect for removing general dust, dirt, grime, oil and paint, but they’re also vital in preventing and stopping cross-contamination and the spread of germs in the workplace.

These quick-drying wipes make cleaning a breeze! Simply wipe away any loose debris, then go over and spills or splashes, before finally scrubbing any more stubborn sticky stains. You’ll be left with incredibly clean, fresh smelling surfaces.

Discover our wet wipes & anti-bacterial wipes today, and keep your workplace clean, tidy and bacteria free. Order before 4 pm, Monday-Friday and you’ll benefit from our same day dispatch – because why should your business have to wait for cleaner surfaces?