Tactical Footwear

Our range of tactical footwear is the perfect solution for anyone putting in the hours on their feet. Whether you’re working in the force, for the emergency services, as a security guard or any other patrol based role. We understand that comfort is at the top of your priority list when it comes to choosing a pair of work boots or shoes, and you’ll find that reflected in the products we stock.

Working all day on your feet can really take its toll, from blisters on the back of your heel to that all too familiar burn in the ball of your foot. When you work on your feet, you need to know you can rely on your patrol boots or shoes to work just as hard as you are. Investing in the right tactical footwear can really make a huge difference to your day.

You’ll find a wide selection of tactical footwear at Pronto Direct, from tactical commander boots, to patrol boots, tactical officer shoes and much more. Ideal for wear in a wide range of industries, these shoes are tough enough to keep your feet safe on the job, whilst also being designed to offer you an enhanced level of comfort that you wouldn’t find in a regular shoe or boot.

Designed with clever features including protective midsoles, non-slip soles and padded insoles, you can count on our tactical footwear to deliver. Browse our full range today.