Kneeling Pad & Mats

One of the most common groups of injuries from over-straining and over-use in the workplace has to be knee injuries. To protect your knees from harm and long-term damage, then it’s crucial to use protection such as a kneeling pad or mat.

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Showing all 2 results

Our joints go through an awful lot when we work in a manual role, but no more so than our knees which often take a lot of strain and weight-bearing. Our kneeling pads and mats can provide you with a supportive base while you work, to absorb pressure and provide that all-important foundation for you to work from. Not only will they prevent injury in your knees, but they can also improve your overall posture and provide support for your back. Investing in a professional kneeling pad today can set you up for a more mobile, less painful future.

Whether you’re gardening, laying flooring or a professional plumber, if your job or DIY task involves a lot of kneeling, then it’s important to make sure you’re providing your joints with the support they deserve. 

At Pronto Direct, our high-quality range of kneeling mats and pads will provide you with the support you need to comfortably carry on with the job in hand. Shop from our affordable range of knee protection today.