Rubber Gloves

From household rubber gloves for basic cleaning to heavy-duty rubber gloves for more industrial tasks, we have the gloves to suit your needs, whatever they may be.

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Showing all 10 results

Rubber gloves can be used for numerous different tasks that involve chemicals to help protect the skin on your hands, and up to your forearms, from irritation. They are great for household cleaning tasks, such as washing the dishes or scrubbing down the bathroom, to avoid cleaning products coming into contact with your skin.

Rubber gloves aren’t just for personal use around the house – they are an essential workwear item for many different jobs and industries. Heavy-duty latex rubber gloves are ideal for commercial and industrial cleaning, or in the medical field, when the chemicals are stronger than those you use around the house. They also give your hands an added layer of protection against cuts and abrasions. Our rubber gloves for work are complete with a patterned palm to provide extra grip when both wet and dry, with a longer wrist to help protect the forearms from substances.

Our latex rubber gloves are an essential for keeping both around the house and the workplace. They come in especially useful for those with sensitive skin on their hands, or with conditions such as eczema, as they help to prevent any cleaning products from causing irritation, making it uncomfortable to carry out the task at hand. Make sure you always have a pair of rubber gloves on hand for yourself or your employees, so that you can be protected whilst you work.