Cleaning Gloves

Vital for both the home and workplace, cleaning gloves will help to protect your hands from chemicals, germs and more. We have a great range of both disposable and reusable gloves for cleaning for you to choose from, with features to suit every need and requirement.

Showing 1–16 of 29 results

Showing 1–16 of 29 results

For a quick bit of spring cleaning around the home, washing the car, or washing the dishes, our disposable gloves will do the trick. We have a great selection of disposable gloves for cleaning in a range of different sizes and materials to help protect your hands whilst you work. Our powder free and latex free gloves are great for keeping at home or in the workplace for if you or someone else has a latex allergy. Perfect for giving you an extra barrier of protection against cleaning products, our disposable gloves are available in ‘one size fits all’, and are ambidextrous.

Our reusable cleaning gloves will give you some extra protection against stronger products or chemicals, making them ideal for industrial or deep cleaning jobs. Available in different lengths, so that you can choose if you require more added protection to the skin past the hand, our gloves for cleaning will provide you with great wet or dry grip. Choose from a range of different colours in our selection.

Whether you’re cleaning at home or for your job, protecting your hands with a pair of cleaning gloves is always a good idea to prevent irritation or avoid picking up and spreading germs or bacteria.