If you are looking for workwear or clothing perfect for wearing outdoors in any weather conditions, then Regatta has got you covered. Regatta high visibility, safety footwear, and honestly made clothing is high quality and durable, helping to keep you both comfortable and safe when tackling the great outdoors. Regatta are passionate about being a sustainable and ethical supplier of clothing and accessories, which is why they started The Honesty Project – they have come a long way in working to reduce their carbon footprint, ensure that their products are produced ethically and in a sustainable fashion, and are still taking steps to further improve these areas in their business. 

If you are often outside, whether you love exploring nature on a long hike or your job requires you to work outdoors, then Regatta clothing is ideal for you. Stay warm and comfortable with high quality gilets for both men and women, or cosy fleeces. Their action trousers are water repellent and built to withstand long hours being active outdoors. Regatta also supplies a great selection of clothing basics such as polo shirts, t-shirts, and sweatshirts, as well as accessories and more. 

Regatta safety footwear is guaranteed to keep your feet protected when tackling tough terrains outside, or when working in an environment where there are risks of heavy or sharp objects coming into contact with your feet. Although their shoes are durable and built to protect, they don’t sacrifice comfort, suitable for wearing for long hours at a time. 

If you’re often exploring outdoors at night, or perhaps work in a high risk environment such as a construction site or factory setting, then check out the Regatta high visibility range! Regatta supplies a wide range of hi-vis jackets and waistcoats in a range of different sizes and colours, suitable for anyone and everyone.