Gauntlet Gloves

If you require protection that goes further than just your hands, then look no further than our gauntlet gloves. These long-cuffed gloves provide coverage all the way up to your forearm, offering maximum protection while you work.

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Showing all 7 results

These multi-purpose work gloves are incredibly versatile and can be used to protect the wearer from a wide range of hazards, from chemical splashes, to protect from cross contamination, to repel liquids, to protect from heat,  abrasion, scratches and so much more.

Suitable for use both in the workplace and at home, you’ll find these all-round protective work gloves incredibly handy for work in the garden too. Often designed with a breathable cotton lining, you’ll find our gauntlet gloves are incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Our range of gauntlet gloves is available in a wide range of cuff lengths, designed to suit your needs. Ensure you read our detailed product descriptions carefully to ensure you make the best choice for yourself or your team of employees.

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