Medical Gloves

We have a wide selection of disposable medical gloves to choose from, suitable for both primary and secondary healthcare facilities and a range of different roles within the medical field. Our medical grade gloves are guaranteed to help ensure the health and safety of both employees and patients, helping to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. 

Showing all 13 results

Showing all 13 results

Medical gloves are an essential that should always be readily available to numerous different healthcare professionals. Whether you work in a hospital, GP surgery, aesthetics clinic, pharmacy or dentist practice, disposable gloves make a huge difference when it comes to minimising the risk of spreading germs that may cause staff or patients to fall ill. If you are a doctor, then medical examination gloves provide a barrier between yourself and your patient, protecting both them and yourself as you carry out your examination. Our gloves are easy to dispose of, so you can have a fresh pair in between seeing each patient.

If your career puts you in a position where you could come into contact with bodily fluids, such as a surgeon, nurse, or dentist, then having a supply of medical grade gloves available at all times is a must. Our gloves will protect your hands from coming into direct contact with any fluids, which can carry bacteria that could spread illness or disease amongst staff and patients. 

Our gloves are available in a wide range of different colours and materials, including nitrile, latex, vinyl, and powder-free options. Browse our selection to find the right gloves that suit the needs and requirements of your business.