Cleaning Supplies

Keeping your workplace in shipshape can be a tough task, especially in a busy working environment. So having essential cleaning supplies to hand can make keeping on top of everything seem much easier to manage. Whether your business operates from an office, a construction site, a care home or a retail environment, our supplies will provide you with everything you need to keep your workplace looking spick and span.

Our range of cleaning supplies includes bin bags & wheelie bin liners for general purpose waste and a selection of cleaning wipes and hand sanitisers designed to protect both your staff and your customers or clients. All of our products are suitable for industrial, commercial and residential use, so wherever it is that you need to keep clean and tidy; we’re here to help.

At Pronto Direct we offer generous bulk buy discounts, enabling our customers to stock up on their cleaning supplies and ensure they never run out, whilst also taking advantage of our best possible prices and value for money. We source our cleaning products and items from trusted, named suppliers, so you can feel confident that you’re in safe hands when cleaning or maintaining your workspace.