Made by the second largest manufacturer of disposable gloves in the world, Aurelia Gloves was launched back in 2000 and has quickly become the fastest growing brand for disposable gloves across Europe and the UK. With an extensive range of disposable gloves, from Aurelia nitrile gloves to latex and vinyl, this brand delivers exceptional quality products that meet the needs and requirements for both work and home use. 

Aurelia Gloves are durable and offer a protective barrier for your hands, a must for an array of different careers and industries. Whether you’re looking for nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves, or powder-free gloves, depending on your own preferences and taking into account any allergies, Aurelia Gloves provide great comfort and fit for your hands whilst you work. Whilst they are protective, a selection of Aurelia’s gloves are thin to help deliver the sensitivity and flexibility needed to carry out certain roles, such as dentistry or other healthcare professions. 

Delivering gloves to a range of different industries across the world including dental, healthcare, laboratory, industrial, automotive, and the food industry, Aurelia really are the best in the game when it comes to quality, protection, and versatility. Choose from a wide range of colours and materials, with different size options as well as one size fits all to suit everyone’s needs, and gloves with different properties such as enhanced grip or longer length cuffs for added protection. 

Disposable gloves are a great way to help keep up hygiene standards in the workplace, especially in environments such as healthcare or the food industry. Wearing disposable gloves will help to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, keeping employees, customers, patients and visitors safe from illnesses. In the healthcare industry, wearing disposable gloves will provide a barrier against your hands and any bodily fluids that you may come into contact with. Disposable gloves are great for protecting your hands against any chemicals or cleaning products at work or around the house, perfect for professional cleaners or workers in a laboratory setting.

As well as their wide range of disposable gloves, Aurelia stock high quality industrial gloves, perfect for use in the garden, in manufacturing settings, and many other roles, industries and environments. These gloves are reusable and provide a bit more added protection compared to disposable gloves, with fantastic protective features such as cut resistance and enhanced grip.

No matter your profession, Aurelia Gloves are guaranteed to have the perfect product for you in their wide range of disposable and industrial gloves. There’s a reason this brand is so popular across the globe – don’t miss out on affordable quality when it comes to gloves for your business.