Medical Shoes & Clogs

If you work in a sterile environment where avoiding cross-contamination is paramount to safety, then our range of medical shoes & clogs are a perfect fit for you. Designed with you and your workplace in mind, you’ll be pleased to discover the incredible safety features our shoes offer, as well as their incomparable level of comfort.

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Showing all 9 results

Standing on your feet all day can really take its toll, not only on your feet but also on your legs and even your back. This is why it’s incredibly important to find yourself a supportive pair of shoes for work. Our hospital shoes are designed with some of the most innovative technology, to help ensure that your feet are fully supported all day long. From an energy absorbing heel to reduce foot fatigue to lightweight, self-cleaning soles – you’ll be amazed at just some of their clever features.

Whether you’re a fan of a classic medical clog or prefer a more supportive lace-up, which you can tighten manually to increase the level of support on your feet. You’ll find plenty to choose from at Pronto Direct. Our shoes are available in traditional white or black, to fit in with your uniform regulations.

Combining safety with comfort, our medical shoes feature a steel toe cap to protect your feet and an anti-slip sole to keep you steady on your feet. Our manufacturers understand the hazards you come into contact with every single day, so every one of our pairs of shoes are designed with your working day in mind. Discover the range for yourself today.