Protective Clothing

Supplying protective clothing for your employees is essential for ensuring their health and safety at work. We have a wide range of protective clothing for businesses to choose from, depending on your needs and requirements.

Waterproof workwear is a must-have item of protective clothing for your employees if they are often working outside, where conditions can get wet. With water-resistant or water-proof jackets and trousers, workers are able to easily stay warm, dry and comfortable, reducing the risk of falling ill due to working in cold and wet weather conditions.

As well as waterproof clothing for work, we also stock thermal workwear. This protective clothing is again perfect for those who work outside during the colder months, but also for workers in restaurants or supermarkets, where industrial refrigerators and freezers are often used. Protective clothing is not just about preventing injuries and accidents, but keeping your employees comfortable throughout the workday. Our thermal t-shirts and leggings can be comfortably worn underneath other clothing items – perfect for layering in particularly cold conditions.

Our protective clothing range also includes a wide selection of overalls and coveralls for work. These are an essential item of protective clothing for those with jobs that involve getting their hands a bit dirty – they protect clothing against paint, dust, oils and grease. Made from durable and high quality materials, our overalls are also perfect for those partaking in a bit of DIY at home.

Browse our wide selection of protective clothing and help protect your employees health and wellbeing at work.