Work Vests & Waistcoats

If you want your waiting staff to look professional and classy, then our work vests and waistcoats are essential for your employee’s uniform. Whether you’re searching for the right uniform to provide your staff or are a waiter at a restaurant yourself, we’ve got you covered with our waistcoats for work.

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Showing all 14 results

Waistcoats for the hospitality sector are an essential part of a wait staff’s uniform. The waistcoat keeps the shirt tucked in and protects it from stains. Our waistcoats for work are functional and easy-care garments are made from polyester wool and mixed fibres, which makes them perfect for all-day wear when working at a restaurant or in any other form of hospitality. Our waistcoats are also easy to wash, which is essential when working around food and drink.

The satin lining is comfortable and ensures that they stay clean and crisp throughout their lifespan, while the functional watch pockets give you a place to store essential items such as pens and notepads for taking customer orders. The back adjusters featured on our waistcoats help ensure that your waistcoat fits perfectly every time you put it on, helping you to feel comfortable and look your best every workday.

Our waistcoats are perfect for work in the hospitality sector to help your staff look professional and presentable for customers – waiting staff are often the first impression that customers receive of your business, so looking smart whilst also being comfortable during long shifts is a must! Browse our range of vests and waistcoats and provide your employees with a quality uniform today.