Waterproof Footwear

Working in damp or wet conditions can really take it’s toll on your standard pair of work boots. For anyone who regular works outdoors or in moisture-rich environments, only properly waterproof footwear will do the job properly, and keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable all day long.

Combining waterproofing technology with all of the safety features you’d expect from a traditional safety boot, including a composite or steel toe cap, an anti-perforation midsole, and an anti-static, oil resistant sole. Not only will our waterproof footwear keep your feet dry, but they’ll keep you safe from potential hazards as well as slips, trips and falls.

We stock a range of waterproof safety boots for men and women, including waterproof steel toe cap boots, designed to prevent injuries. Our waterproof boots are available in a range of sizes, designed to fit most professionals.