If you’re looking for respiratory or hearing protection, then you won’t find any better than Moldex. Innovative, industry-leaders, Moldex were first established in 1980 and have been manufacturing the highest quality PPE ever since.

Popular in a variety of industries from mining, to healthcare, construction, food processing, and even military deployments, their products are trusted by thousands of users across the globe. Their versatile products offering users protection when they need it the most.

Priding themselves on their innovative designs, their products are created with comfort and safety, but also best possible value, in mind. Understanding that comfort really is key for workers wearing PPE items on a daily basis, their hearing and respiratory protective equipment is some of the comfiest you will find on the market. Moldex understands that by increasing the comfort and durability of their products, they’ll be saving you money in the long term – as their products have an extended life span.

Their selection of protective equipment includes disposable & reusable respirators, foam and reusable earplugs, earplug dispensers and earmuffs. All of which comply with essential safety standards. You’ll find everything you need to protect the hearing and breathing of your employees when working in dangerous or hazardous conditions.

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