Breaker Bars

When working on your vehicle it can be easy to overlook the importance of making sure you tighten up any nuts and fasteners on your motor, before you finish a job. Our breaker bars will give you the added torque to tighten or loosen any bolts, nuts or screws on your car to give you peace of mind that everything’s as it should be.

Otherwise known as a power bar, these simple-looking tools give you exactly that – an added bit of power to help you finish off any job on your car, van, or bike. Designed with a long handle, they’ll also help you get to any tricky to reach fixings that are tougher to tighten using traditional methods.

Suitable for both professionals and hobbyists alike, our breaker bars are a must-have tool for any garage. Sourced from brands you’ll know and love, including Neilsen tools, you’ll feel assured your vehicle is in safe hands. Shop our extensive range today.