Builders Gloves

We have a wide range of builders gloves available that will help you or your employees to stay safe from accidents when at work. Our work gloves for builders are extremely versatile, with a range of properties that help to protect hands from harm and help workers stay comfortable.

If you work as a builder in construction, you are often having to work outside in a range of different weather conditions. Having a pair of thermal builders gloves will help to keep your hands warm during the winter months – also ideal for a range of general handling and warehousing work activities. We also have cut resistant work gloves for builders available, which is an essential feature for when you are working with sharp materials or machinery to help prevent accidents at work. Our water resistant builder gloves provide excellent protection and grip in both wet and dry conditions, allowing the wearer to carry out the job at hand without the risk of slippery hands.

All of our work gloves for builders offer great dexterity, comfort and grip as well as protection. When working as a builder, it is essential that you are able to have full movement of your hands and perform tasks that may require more precision. Our builders’ gloves won’t get in the way of that. With our wide selection of gloves, you can choose from a range of features that can help you work safer and more effectively. We have gloves with anti-fatigue technology, superior breathability, abrasion resistance, highly flexible coatings that provide a full range of hand movement, enhanced grip and more.