Car Washing Gloves

Ideal for both commercial and personal use, our car washing gloves will keep your hands clean, dry, and warm when you’re washing a vehicle.

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Showing all 8 results

We have a wide range of gloves for car washing available, including disposable and reusable options. Our latex and nitrile cleaning gloves are longer in length, offering an extra bit of protection up to the forearms, and can be reused time and time again. Our disposable nitrile gloves are great for having around the house or for your car washing business, as you’ll never be without an extra pair to keep your hands warm and dry whilst you wash.

When you’re outside washing cars, your hands are bound to get cold and feel numb from the water, even during the warmer months. Having a pair of car washing gloves will help keep your hands warm and dry, so that you can carry out the task at hand more comfortably. Wearing gloves when cleaning a car will also protect your hands from dirt and grime that can be found on the vehicle, helping to prevent the spread of any bacteria. For many, cleaning products or chemicals used to wash cars can be irritating on the skin – wearing a pair of gloves for car washing will help protect your skin on your hands from any harsh chemicals that could cause dryness or irritation.

Whether you’re looking for gloves to keep at home for when you wash your own vehicles in the driveway, or for yourself and your employees at your car washing business, we have the gloves to help you get the job done.