car mechanic working on car wearing disposable gloves

Best Disposable Gloves for Mechanics

Working in a car garage can really take it's toll on your hands. You might not mind getting a bit of oil or grease on your hands, but there's also hot temperatures, chemical products and sharp edges to contend with. So if you're serious about protecting your hands from any of these, then we'd recommend stocking up on the right disposable gloves. When it comes to disposable gloves there are plenty of options out there; various materials, sizes, powdered or non powdered, and of course a whole range of colours to choose from. But which are the best disposable gloves...
Gloved beekeeper handling bees

8 Most Unusual Uses for Work Gloves

Our wide selection of work gloves has to be our most popular range of products here at Pronto Direct. And whilst most of our customers are purchasing work gloves to be used in traditional settings, such as on-site as a builder or carpenter, for gardening or even for mechanical jobs in a car garage, we do occasionally get customers enquiring about gloves for far more niche uses. Let's take a look at some of the most unusual uses for our work gloves that we've come across so far. It might even inspire you to use your gloves differently! 1. Bat HandlingA...
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