Chicken Wire & Garden Mesh

Looking to protect your plants? Or secure your pets, keeping them safe in your garden? Our chicken wire mesh is the perfect choice to keep any potential destructors at bay. From irritating insects to stray flying footballs, this fine garden wire will keep your plants protected at all costs.

Our range of chicken wire is galvanised – covered in a zinc coating – which cleverly prevents rust from forming. Not only will this help the wire mesh survive the elements and last a long time, but it also helps maintains its metallic appearance – helping your garden look a lot more put together.

Whether you’re creating a coop for your chickens, a run for your rabbits, fencing to keep out unwanted nighttime wildlife, or even for plastering and render support in construction. You can use our chicken wire for a wide range of tasks in the garden, in the home and at work.

Available in a wide selection of sizes and shapes, from traditional honeycomb garden wire to more modern square wire mesh. Shop with Pronto Direct today and take advantage of our free delivery on all UK orders over £50.