Circular Saw Blades

The perfect tool for cutting through various materials and thicknesses, our circular saw blades will fit various models of power saws. Our blades are high quality but incredibly affordable, meaning you have no excuse to let your electric circular saw go blunt again!

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Showing the single result

When shopping for your replacement saw blades, we’d recommend paying close attention to the product details – ensuring that you find a blade with the correct bore size and diameter to fit your saw. 

Otherwise known as mitre saw blades, these circular disc blades consist of jagged teeth around the outside of the blade, which rotate forwards to cut through materials. When comparing blades, it’s important to understand that the number of teeth on the circumference of the blade will determine how it cuts through different materials. If you’re looking for a more refined finish, we’d recommend a blade with lots of smaller teeth – however, this may not fare as well with thicker materials. When working with thicker, more robust materials, you may want to opt for a blade with bigger teeth – but it’s important to be aware, that the finish of the cut may not be as neat.

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