Construction Gloves

There are many safety hazards when working in construction, which is why a reliable pair of construction gloves is vital for anyone with a role in this industry. Our range of work gloves for construction includes essential features that will protect your hands whilst you work.

When working on a construction site, the right pair of construction gloves will provide you with both comfort and protection throughout the working day, helping to reduce accidents at work. We have a range of work gloves for construction in different designs and materials, all of which offer great safety features. Cut resistance is a vital attribute of construction gloves, it helps to protect against injuries when handling sharp tools or objects such as glass or metal. Our gloves are durable and able to withstand long days of manual labour.

Construction workers are often working outdoors in a range of different weather conditions. Our thermal construction gloves are ideal for staying warm and comfortable during the winter months, whilst our more breathable options will help reduce sweating in hot weather. Our water repellent and resistant gloves are perfect for wetter working conditions, as they will keep your hands dry whilst also providing great grip.

Many of our work gloves for construction have a nitrile coating which provides effective grip in both wet and dry conditions. We understand how important it is to have full flexibility of your hands when working in construction, which is why our range of gloves provides great dexterity, allowing you to work without hindering your movement.