Cooling Towels

Whether you’re working hard on-site, working up a sweat on a hike, or just struggling to keep your cool in the intense summer heat. Our range of cooling towels are designed to help you regulate your temperature, keeping you cooler for longer.

These deceivingly clever towels are manufactured from a special blend of polymers, which work smarter & harder absorbing moisture to keep you feeling cool for up to an incredible 5 hours. Our cooling towels are intelligently designed to hold water without feeling heavy or weighing you down. Treated with an anti-microbial coating, they’re designed to prevent the build-up of mould whilst also preventing any unwanted damp odours.

To activate your cooling towel, simply soak in cool water – and you’re ready to go! The cooling sensation should last up to 5 hours, then you can simply soak your towel in cool water again to reactivate whenever you need to cool down once more.

So, whether you work outside in the Summer and struggle to stay cool, or you love outdoor sports but don’t love overheating, our cooling towels are perfect for helping you stay cool & fresh, and no longer feeling frazzled. Browse our range today and get ready for the coolest Summer of your life.