Defibrillator Cabinets

Keep your defibrillator safe but easily accessible at all times, with one of our defibrillator cabinets. Designed to give you peace of mind that your AED is safe but also available for use at any time to save a life. Our defib cabinets are made from sturdy, high-quality material to ensure your defibrillator is kept safe and protected.

You’ll find our external defibrillator cabinets are made from either mild steel, stainless steel or polycarbonate to provide a safe, controlled environment to store your defib in. There is a cabinet for every environment – whether located on the wall of a busy warehouse, or outside attached to an external wall, or even inside an old telephone box. You’ll find the perfect storage solution to suit your needs.

Whether you require a lockable cabinet with a keypad, which you can register an access code with 999, or a simple storage unit. It’s important to assess who might be accessing your defib before deciding which best suits your needs. If your defibrillator will be kept in a workplace such as an office, you probably will only require a simple cabinet. However, if your defib will be available for the wider community to use, you may wish to invest in a unit complete with an access code.

Browse our range of defibrillator cabinets at Pronto Direct today, and take one more step to make your workplace a safer space.

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