Dentist Gloves

Dentist gloves are an essential piece of protective equipment used by dentists and dental assistants to protect themselves and patients from germs, chemicals, and other potential hazards. 

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Showing all 7 results

Dentist gloves are typically made from synthetic materials such as latex, nitrile, or vinyl. They provide a barrier between the dentist’s hands and the patient’s mouth, helping to protect against the spread of germs and bacteria that could be present in saliva or other bodily fluids. Additionally, they can protect against chemicals used during procedures such as bleaching agents or adhesives. Disposable gloves are usually recommended for use in dental practices to protect against the spread of germs, and to ensure that each patient is given a fresh pair of gloves for every procedure.

Our range of disposable gloves includes gloves that are latex-free, ideal for those who suffer from a latex allergy or sensitive skin. We have a range of sizes available so that you can provide for everyone within your dental practice. As long as you wear the correct size for you, our gloves will not limit any movement or your ability to handle tools and carry out procedures that require detail and precision. 

Dentists must wear a new pair of gloves for every patient they see, as well as when performing any type of procedure. The right pair of gloves can help protect against infection and keep the dentist safe from potential hazards. Dentists should always choose a glove that is comfortable to wear while providing adequate protection against germs.