Disposable Coats

Keeping covered and safe in the workplace is absolutely crucial in protecting yourself and your team from potential hazards. If you’re looking for an efficient way to stay safe in the workplace, then look no further than our range of disposable coats.

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Showing all 4 results

These incredibly affordable, disposable coats are designed to help you prevent cross-contamination in a range of situations and different workplaces. These single-use coats are most popularly used in medical, sterile and manufacturing industries including hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, dental surgeries, aesthetic clinics, veterinary clinics, clean rooms, manufacturing lines, warehouses, food preparation environments and much more. Their main purpose is to provide a protective barrier keeping the wearer away from any unwanted splashes or debris. As an added bonus, they’ll also keep any underclothing – including uniforms – clean and dirt free.

Our wide range of disposable coats are designed to be used just once and disposed of, making them an ideal choice for workplaces where staff turnover is frequent, or whereby occasional or frequent access is required by staff members to sterile zones or areas.

Discover our range of single-use coats today at Pronto Direct, and take advantage of our same day dispatch guarantee. Why should you have to wait for a safer tomorrow?