Disposable Nitrile Gloves

If your work regularly requires protecting your hands with disposable gloves, then we’re confident that you’ll love using nitrile gloves. Arguably the most versatile option, they provide an incredible amount of durability, whilst also offering you a comfortable layer of protection as you work.

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Showing the single result

Not only will our disposable nitrile gloves protect your hands from anything they come into contact with, including most chemicals, they’re also puncture and tear resistant. This makes them an ideal choice for anyone working in the medical or dental industries, as there is a very low risk of cross contamination occurring – even if a sharp tool or object was to come into contact with your glove. Our gloves also conform to the strictest European safety standards, to help you ensure your business is meeting the necessary health and safety at work obligations.

It’s no surprise that these multi-faceted gloves have become well-loved by a range of industries, including medical, commercial, mechanical, industrial, dental, cleaning and many more. Our range includes a selection of colours including black, blue and our popular pink disposable gloves. All of our gloves are available in sizes ranging from small up to extra-large.

Ideal for anyone with sensitive skin or even contact allergies, such as an allergy to latex, nitrile is a naturally hypoallergenic material. Learn more about choosing the best disposable gloves for sensitive skin over on our blog here.

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