Ear Protection

Protecting your ears in noisy environments such as busy workplaces, or when handling noisy machinery, is crucial for preserving and caring for your hearing. Long-term exposure to loud noises and sounds can have permanent damage on your ears and hearing. Wearing the correct ear protection creates a barrier between the sensitive inner workings of your ear and any dangerously loud noises.

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Showing 17–32 of 70 results

We stock a varied range of PPE, so that you can find the right protection to suit you and your needs. Whether you’re working on a noisy production line, on a construction site, or you’re partaking in a noisy hobby such as shooting. Our range includes ear defenders, portable foldable ear defenders, moulded ear plugs and reusable ear plugs.

Designed to comfortably fit a wide range of professionals, our ear plugs will mould to fit you snugly providing a high level of protection. Our ear defenders feature padding to the headband, to ensure they stay in place, while feeling lightweight & easy to wear, all day long.

Our ear protection will help ensure your business is taking the appropriate measures to meet health and safety legislations. All of our PPE conforms to the EN352 – European Hearing Protection Standard, so you can rest assured that your ears will be safe, no matter how loud your working environment gets.