Electricians Gloves

Ensure you have the protection you need for your electrical engineering work with our range of electrician’s gloves. Our highly-dexterous, water-resistant and breathable work gloves for electricians are comfortable to wear and provide protection against high-voltage shocks.

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Our electrician’s gloves are perfect for handling components, switchboards and wires safely. Electrical engineering can oftentimes involve tasks that require detail and precision, such as wire fitting, which is why our range of work gloves for electricians offer fantastic dexterity so that you can carry out your job with ease. With breathable coatings and liners, our gloves are also lightweight, keeping you comfortable even after long hours of wear.

Protecting your hands against voltages shocks and other hazards whilst carrying out electrical work is extremely important, and our safety gloves will do just that. The superior grip of our gloves will prevent your hands from slipping when working with wires and cables, whilst also protecting you against any injuries. Our selection includes gloves with extended cuffs, giving you further protection for your wrists.

Other safety features found in our gloves include high levels of abrasion resistance, water resistance, and oil resistance, ensuring you are protected from harm and are able to carry out your job within a range of environments. Don’t risk your safety at work by not being equipped with the right gloves for the job – get the ultimate protection you need with our wide range of gloves, and go to work each day knowing that you are safe from job-related risks.