Eye Protection

Protecting your eyes in the workplace, or when you’re in a hazardous environment, is crucial to shield them from injury. Whether you’re handling chemicals, working with machinery, or in dusty environments, our selection of eye protection is designed to keep a wide range of debris or harmful substances away from your eyes.

Showing 49–64 of 103 results

Showing 49–64 of 103 results

No matter what environment you’re working in, a laboratory, a workshop or something a bit more niche, you’ll find something to suit your needs. Ranging from clear lenses, to mirrored or tinted lenses – including grey and yellow. You’ll also find our anti fog safety glasses, which are designed to give you a clear view of the task in hand no matter what conditions you’re working in.

Designed to fit comfortably, with a soft adjustable PVC nose piece, you’ll be able to use our safety glasses for long periods of time and forget you’re even wearing them. We also feature slim fitting PPE glasses for those who require a smaller fit.

If you’re working outdoors, most of our glasses also offer 99.9% protection against harmful UV rays. If this is a priority for you, we recommend checking our detailed product descriptions, where you’ll find full information including any conformities to industry standards.

Shop our affordable range of safety glasses today, and keep your eyes protected and safe in the workplace.