Eye Wash Stations & Kits

If you work for or own a business where your workers are subjected to hazardous or dangerous conditions, then it’s a good idea to install an eye wash station. In fact, you may actually find that providing an eyewash station comes under your legal duty of care to keep your employees safe whilst they’re in the workplace.

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Showing all 5 results

At Pronto Direct discover our range of eye wash stations, designed to target different hazards in your workplace. From traditional eye wash stations with saline solutions designed to flush out simple dust, grime or small particles which have entered the eye, to eye wash stations which specifically target dangerous chemical splashes.

When it comes to working with chemicals, you can never be too safe. Our phosphate buffer solutions, which are included in our chemical splash stations, work by cleverly neutralising any chemicals in the eye to effectively flush the eye, whilst also reducing the amount of time and volume of fluid needed. 

Protecting your employees’ eyesight is an incredibly important part of your legal duty of care to your staff members, so you can rest assured that our range of eyewash stations and kits are medically approved.

Install a splash station in your workplace today and give your employees peace of mind while they work. Shop with Pronto Direct and enjoy our same day dispatch guarantee, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your product will get to you ASAP.